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There are plenty of fun and games to be had when you are playing bingo at Parkway Bingo, however if you are new to this exciting world bingo playing then please do have a read through our guide on the ongoing games which can be found below.

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The first single winner on the Regular Games becomes Parkway Bingo’s “Player of the Event” and wins a special Parkway Bingo Bag, plus $5.00 every time the Lucky Number (the number on which the first Bingo was won) is called during the Regular Games. If the Lucky Number is called during all 8 Regular Games, a $60.00 BONUS is added to the “Player of the Events” winnings. (5 Regular Series for Late Night with $50.00 Bonus)


Every event half price for everyone.


This is a free Progressive game played on all the regular games on Thursday’s only. The first 5 numbers (4 if N’s) called each series needs to be 5 of a kind except for N’s which need to be 4 of a kind. The customer must complete the pattern on their card using these numbers.


If you are Mondays Player of the Event, you also become our Player of the Week. You will receive a coupon that entitles you to receive as many Regular game cards as you can play “Free” for the next week (Max. of 7 Events).


Loonie pot number will determine whether odd or even numbers are free and play to a full card. Full card in 9 numbers or less wins the progressive. Full card on the 11th number and you get to play the Bonus Game (11th number must complete the full card). The Bonus Game winner gets to pick an envelope with prizes ranging from $1000.00 to $5000.00

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